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Music Update

Well, hot on the heels of the second tune comes the third one, so with any luck I’ll be able to compose two more by the time Animal Trackers is released.

Update: Having discovered that with three tunes Animal Trackers is already over the 20 MB OTA (over-the-air) limit, I won’t be adding any more.


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Animal Trackers will have a number of background tunes to choose from, the second of which I’ve just finished composing. I haven’t decided yet how many tunes there will be in total, but it will probably be between three and five.

Once the game is feature complete, I’ll post some video trailers on YouTube with the tunes as backing tracks.

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I’ve just finished creating level 45, so there are only five more levels to go! It will be a little while before I can start work on those last five, though, as they require a new set of graphics to be drawn and animated.

Nevertheless, the finishing line is in sight!

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Just a quick update to say that I’ve now created levels 36 to 40, although they’ll be subject to some extra graphical flourishes and miscellaneous tinkering before the game is finished.

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It’s been a while since my last post, but a lot has changed in that time.

Firstly, the name of the game has subtly changed from ‘Animal Tracker’ to ‘Animal Trackers’, which better reflects the new direction that the game has taken.

I can now reveal that the game will have 50 levels to play through (each with a 3 star ranking system) and multiple achievements that can be earned.

As of today, 35 of those 50 levels are complete, with the remaining 15 scheduled for the next few weeks.

The original version of the game was due to have a small set of simple graphics, but as development went on and the underlying game concept evolved, it became apparent that the amount of graphics and animations needed would be an order of magnitude greater than first planned. As a result, much of my time has been spent on this part of the project.

Unfortunately, I’m still not close enough to app submission to post any more game details or screenshots, but I will post these within one month prior to the scheduled submission, which is planned for some time in Q4 2011.

Incidentally, I’ve also created a minute long test trailer for the game in iMovie to get a feel for the whole process. It includes a number of gameplay sequences set to the first (of what will be a number) of background music tracks that I created in Garage Band.

Once the game is graphically complete, I’ll create a proper trailer with final graphics and release it on YouTube, again within one month prior to submission.

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